“I’m a writer who creates engaging, imaginative and educational written content for coaches, therapists, healers and VAs”

If you’re a coach, therapist, healer or VA, who’s looking for someone to take on the writing related tasks in your business – I can help!

I ghost-write engaging, imaginative and educational written content for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best. By working with only a small number of private clients, I can offer those clients the best of my creativity, along with the extensive knowledge I have accumulated in those niche areas – meaning top quality, relevant and engaging content, that helps to build on the relationship between you and your target audience.

The beauty of ghost-writing is you get regular content on your website under your name, enabling you to build on your expertise without any hassle – whilst I become your best-kept secret and a valuable asset to your business!

The Issues You May Currently Be Experiencing

Building relationships in business is all about being transparent, it’s about being you – but how can you be you, without getting too personal?

You’re in the business of nurturing and serving your clients, but you’re also running a business and need new clients and sales – how can you grow your business, without alienating them or treating them like a number on your list or financial sheets?

 And whilst we’re talking about clients and sales – how an earth can you do it in a heart-based way, without hard selling, using click bait statuses and adverts, bombarding the people on your email list with constant emails and using any of the other yukky techniques that hard pressure selling uses?

It isn’t always easy, getting your caring nature across in your written content

Getting your natural caring nature over in your writing can cause issues, if you’re not a natural writer. I’m also aware that many of my clients struggle to find that balance between being heart-based and using sales and marketing techniques that are congruent with who they are.

This can manifest in different ways:

  • Not knowing what to write and say
  • Unsure of how to write and interact genuinely
  • Unable to find the right words to convey what they mean
  • Not knowing how to build a relationship with the people on their mailing list
  • Unsure of how to link it all together

And this is before you take into account this simple fact…

You don’t have time to learn another tool or technique!

You’re busy running your business and writing may not be a skill you naturally possess – and even if you do, you simply don’t have the available free time to get any writing done. Let’s not forget, there’s also the need to learn the systems used, to get that writing onto your website and out to your mailing list.

That’s why I’m here for you and why I focus on creating content designed to build heart-based relationships in your business. You’re in business because you care and want to ease the stress of others, not to increase it – yours included! YOU can focus on helping your clients to look and feel great – I focus on making YOU look great!


Here’s The Services I Currently Offer: