Go onto any social media platform, and you’ll see an overwhelming array of experts and online gurus out there. Many are self-proclaimed, whilst others prefer to avoid being labelled as any kind of guru, online guru or otherwise (take Tony Robbins as an example; he even created a documentary entitled ‘I am Not Your Guru’!).

However, the online world is also one that’s ripe for disappointment. Anyone can become a celebrity or guru, with the right tools and available finances. Likes can be bought, testimonials can be faked, and experts can be created overnight. As explained in last week’s article, we are so quick to put these people on a pedestal, without always knowing if they’re genuine or not.

But, with so many people proclaiming the ‘secret’ to unlocking your financial, lifestyle, personal potential and career aspirations, how can you ensure you’re getting a genuine product or service, from a genuine expert?

10 top strategies all great online gurus follow

You only have to analyse the great gurus that are currently online and who have amassed a following, to see – they all follow a clear strategy. The likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Oprah and Natalie MacNeil, to name a few, aren’t following this strategy in a calculated salesy type way; they’re following it because it keeps them focused on what is important.

It ensures they’re always being authentic and genuine – one of the most important things an authentic guru or expert can do.

Here’s a breakdown of that strategy and how you can spot a great guru from a fake one.

#1: People listen to a great online guru

A genuine guru will have a following – an active following. When they talk, people listen and, when they launch a new book, people will immediately buy it.

#2: What they say helps others

What they’re saying, makes sense! They can, and have, helped people. They have a track record of helping others and people talk about this.

online guru

#3: They inspire you to believe it’s possible

Their focus is on helping you and encouraging you to up your game – whether you use their free services or paid ones.

#4: Great online gurus walk their talk offline too

They’re not just selling a solution – they’re living what they preach and have been for some time.

#5: They always give value

Whether it’s a valuable freebie or a paid product/service, they’re overflowing with value.

#6: They’re visible!

A great online guru isn’t hiding in the corner – they’re shouting from the rooftop! They have a traceable online presence. Whether that’s through their social media platforms, interviews in magazines, videos and livestreams, or through their own website – you can easily find them with a quick online search.

#7: Great online gurus always believe in what they do

They’re not afraid to be visible, because they believe in what they do. A guru cannot NOT do what they do – as they believe it so much!

#8: They’re consistent with their message

They have a track record online. You can go through their social media accounts and see how active they are. Their personality shines through and their lifestyle reflects their message.

#9: They’re focus on their clients and potential clients

The overwhelming mission for a great guru is to help others. They’re happy to get out there and share their message, because they know it will help you and other people like you.

#10: An authentic online guru won’t push you to go into debt!

Yes, their investments usually require a big leap and a financial commitment that makes you incredibly nervous – but they’re not desperate. They’ll have a sales strategy that is designed to push your buttons, but that won’t involve them actively pushing you to put it on a credit card and worry about it later. A genuine guru will know, you’ll invest in them when you’re ready. Besides, they know there’s others they can help in the meantime.

Over to you! What do you look for in an online guru? Do you agree with my 10-step strategy above or do you think there’s something that needs adding? Why not share your thoughts on online gurus, in the comments box below!